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Specializing in the production of household appliances


 NO.19 Chong Yuan Industrial Area Xincun,Beijiao,ShunDe,Foshan,GD.CN


It is a modern enterprise mainly engaged in household electrical appliances, integrating research, development, manufacturing and sales. After years of painstaking operation, the company has developed into a world-renowned integrated manufacturer of products.

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To provide users with quality products and thoughtful service

Development History
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   坚鹏实业自从成立以来,一直秉承“科学管理,真诚创新,提高顾客满意度”的宗旨为全球服务。经过短短数年的发展,出口额已翻了好几番,现每年销售额都达到六十万多台以上。不仅如此,坚鹏还取得CE,GS,ETL ,ROHS 等国际认证,为我们的出口市场打下了结实的基础。而每年举行的两届广交会为我们的产品提供了良好的平台,让我们的产品,走向世界。