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"Wait for the wind"

In recent days, the temperature has risen and entered the summer heat. In the "waiting for the wind" summer, cooling has become the need of people. In many supermarkets, citizens not only choose air conditioners, but also show a high degree of enthusiasm for electric fans.

The reporter saw that businesses have launched many intelligent and new technology electric fans: air circulation fans, 3D three-dimensional wind, ultra long hair blowing distance, household leafless, silent remote control... Various products meet different customer needs.

In a supermarket, electric fans with exquisite styles, unique shapes and humanized and unique designs are particularly popular. At the scene, some hand-held and neck hung "mini fans" were welcomed by young people.

According to a citizen at the scene, air conditioning is necessary to cool down in hot weather, but people can't live in an air-conditioned environment for a long time. Electric fans can improve air circulation and are beneficial to people's healthy life.


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