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Residents say goodbye to sauna

"Yesterday evening, I went to a friend's house in the next building to deliver something. It was going to rain and it was very hot. As soon as I got into the elevator, I saw this small fan, cool and comfortable. Whose idea? Community service is really humanized!"

Just the past weekend, Ningbo officially announced a peak, high temperature unbearable. In beilun east Haiming garden community owner group, many residents for just appeared in each elevator room "small surprise" praise. Originally, in order to alleviate the dog days of high temperature weather brought discomfort, village industry authority for the entire village of the elevator room installed an electric fan, for residents to send cool.

The elevator is a necessary passage for every resident to travel. In recent days, the continuous high temperature weather has greatly reduced the comfort level of residents when taking the elevator. Especially during rush hours, the stay time in the elevator is prolonged, the air circulation is poor, and many residents feel sultry and uncomfortable, like "sauna".

"As residents of the community, we take the elevator every day. We feel deeply and have received suggestions from some owners." As the area elevator fan installation leader, east Haiming park area industry authority director Zhu Leicheng introduction, in the majority of owners of the opinion, industry authority invited Magnolia community and residential property company to discuss the installation of fan matters, and finally decided to 48 elevators in the area cool a "summer" transformation. "The community is very supportive, the property company staff is also very helpful, in trying not to delay residents to take the elevator, keep the original beauty of the elevator, on the basis of overtime, successfully complete the transformation of the elevator fan installation, for everyone to create a cool and comfortable environment." Zhu Leicheng said.

"It used to be hot and stuffy in the summer when there were so many people in the elevator, but now I feel much cooler after installing the fan. Everyone is very happy with the renovation project, and the community and industry authority are really thinking about the residents." Resident Pei Xuefang was full of praise.


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