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Grasp these five directions

Electric fans are about to see a surge in sales in the hot summer. According to the forecast data of AVC, the sales of electric fans in 2021 will be 9.94 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 4.4%.

There are two sides to this data set. It not only revealed the market to the good trend, in the recovery of the difficult to say optimistic situation, in the accelerated popularity of air conditioning checks and balances, electric fans as a traditional category, can withstand multiple pressures, to achieve steady growth, means that the potential of the industry is still in; But at the same time, we should also be aware that this small growth is likely to be built on the basis of the market downturn caused by the epidemic last year, and more worthy of warning is that electric fans in China has gone through a hundred years of development, but still hovering at the scale of ten billion, enough to reflect the industry continues to floundering awkward reality.

What is it that restrains the expansion of the electric fan industry? In the face of the new era, new consumption and new crowd, how will it stimulate the market potential and usher in a new turnaround for traditional categories that have been languishing for many years?

Knowing the cause, knowing the effect. On the surface, seasonal factors of the product itself and the external impact of air conditioning as a substitute are obvious resistance. However, the lack of innovation and slow iteration lead to serious homogenization and constant price war, which are the crux of restricting development. The most intuitive fact is that it hasn't changed much since it was invented.

Therefore, if you want to get rid of the dilemma of "depending on the weather" and jump out of the dilemma of "scale driven", you have to work hard from the source of products. Those who rejoice is, the tide that consumption upgrades, awakened the innovation consciousness of brand, through old effort and evolution, the electric fan with onefold function, inflexible modelling before, changing one's appearance, enter a hundred flowers bloom together, the new era that make a splendid fight.

From the continuous emergence of new products in the past two years, we can analyze the changes and trends worth paying attention to:

Trend 1: Extreme simplification

First, the change in appearance is the most significant. Big head fan leaf, ever was the traditional impression to electric fan of a lot of people, look at cumbersome, occupy a space not only, still knock against especially easily, in modern household style, also more and more antitune.

It is the aesthetic pursuit of complex and fast-paced times to get rid of complexity and simplicity and return to simplicity. The high sense of fashion emanating from minimalism is also in line with the appeal of quality upgrading. After simplifying a design extremely, electric fan becomes more delicate, with contemporary household more confluence, also facilitate receive more, need not receive even, place everywhere, can be scenery line.

Trend 2: Comfort

The wind of the traditional fan blade feels sharp, blowing straight for a long time may also have a headache and discomfort, the noise of the noise, but also very disturbing. In view of these pain points, brands improve the wind sense and reduce noise through the innovation of fan blade structure. For example: Emmett's 7 wing fan blades and Bamuda's double layer fan blade structure can simulate comfortable and soft natural wind to the greatest extent.

At the same time, the category innovation of cyclic fan and leafless fan is also the exploration result in the direction of comfort. Cyclic fans are expected to account for 12.8% of sales in 2021, making them the third largest segment of electric fans, according to Ove data. When people's demands for fans rise from functionality to healthy and comfortable experience, it will help broaden the boundaries of product upgrading.

Cyclic fan on the left and bladeless fan on the right

Trend 3: Convenience

Electric fans are large and need to be plugged in at all times. They are usually used at home or in the office. But the latest wireless, foldable design breaks down that barrier and makes it easier to use.

It can be freely telescopic, desktop, ground can be put, save space for good storage; It does not need to be connected to power, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, balcony... It can be used anywhere; It can also be folded, from indoors to outdoors, to take with you, ready to use. Innovative wireless design, coupled with portable folding design, make electric fans out of the fixed home/office space, extend the infinite possibilities of the scene, or will bring new opportunities for the secondary growth of traditional categories.

Flexible folding fan

Trend 4: Multi-functional integration

The endless emergence of multi-functional and multi-category fan industry not only meets the needs of large-scale fan industry itself and enterprises seeking more growth points, but also conforms to the diversified and segmented consumption trend, which is the inevitable trend after matching supply and demand.

Tower cooling fan, cooling and heating fan, air purification fan, supplemented by humidification, mosquito repellent and other functions, more and more new products, the integration of new technology, is gradually breaking the traditional electric fan "single function" and "can only be used in summer" limitations.

Trend 5: Smart

With the steady progress of 5G, AI, big data, chips and other basic technologies, intelligence and digitalization have become an unstoppable tide, and have been widely applied in home appliances, mainly manifested as WiFi control and voice control. As a small household appliance with a high household penetration rate, fans will become an important part of the smart home scene in the future.

To sum up, a seemingly small electric fan, driven by innovation and upgrading, is deriving more and more new business opportunities, and it is only a matter of time to recapture the "heart" of consumers. And its continuous self-innovation, breaking the market barriers of the transformation process, I believe that many traditional categories are worth reference and reference to break the situation.


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