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Home electric fan market continues to grow

In May, temperatures have risen above 20 degrees Celsius in many parts of China, and summer has begun earlier in southern China, such as Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan. With global warming intensifying, hot weather has become more frequent and lasting in recent years. The summer of 2022 officially begins after Lixia, and authorities expect this year's hot weather to be no less hot than last year's.

Unbearable hot weather, air conditioning and premature, however, fan naturally become the best choice for people to enjoy the cool, all its data according to statistics, since mid-march, "fan" baidu search index had the obvious rise, nearly a month's time, fan search index rose 284%.

Now household electric fan has been a change in people's impression of the traditional image, both in appearance and function are more personalized and intelligent, tower air fan in the elegant, cartoon fan jiao qiao and lovely, and computer control, natural wind, sleep and anion these belonged to the function of the air conditioning, also by a great number of manufacturers to give fans products, On this basis, more practical functions such as lighting and mosquito repellent have been added. In particular, there is no leakage of the fan blade, and the more safe hot and cold bladeless fan has won the favor of many friends.

These exterior not sticking to one pattern and functional diversiform product had become one big window in electric fan market this year, and selling point of this kind of difference also adumbrative the development trend of whole electric fan industry future and trend. In this case, the domestic electric fan enterprises pay more and more attention to the industry market analysis and research, especially to the current market environment and customer demand trend change of in-depth research, in order to occupy the market in advance, to obtain first-mover advantage. Because of this, a large number of excellent brands rose rapidly and gradually became the leader in the industry.

According to the whole extension data survey statistics, 2016-2021 China's household electric fan output on the whole presents an upward trend, including, in 2016 China's household electric fan output of 163.397 million; In 2021, the output of household electric fans in China reached a maximum of 249.708 million units.

In recent years, the sales focus of electric fans has gradually shifted from offline to online, coupled with the rise of live broadcast with goods, its online zero sales accounted for 85%. In order to cope with the fierce competition in the online market, electric fans choose the method of small profits and quick sales to maintain volume, old products reduce prices to promote new products at lower prices, among which, the data shows, The main category of floor fans, cooling fans, tower fans, circulating fans were all reduced by more than 10%.

In terms of brands, the number of brands in the online market of electric fans increased by 82 in 2020, reaching 591 overall. Among them, in addition to Midea (22.9%) and Gree (12.6%), the retail sales share of the two leading brands accounted for more than double digits, other brands such as Emmett, Oex, Meiling, Dyson, TCL, Xiaomi, Haier, Bear and other brands accounted for less than 10% of the retail sales share, and most brands hovering around 5%. In addition, 20 percent of "other" brands are eyeing the market, and fierce competition is expected to lead to fierce competition.

Among them, online brands Xiaomi and Xiaoxiong have seen bright growth. The former's Internet gene gives it a natural advantage in the online market. The latter takes the lead in the mining of segmented demand. Creativity + appearance level + youth make the product win the favor of the main force of young consumers. From the perspective of the trend, online fans will still be the main sales channels in the future, with the further influx of online brands, online market competition will become more and more fierce.

The whole expansion of data that, from the historical data, the demand for electric fans did not decrease with the increase of air conditioning share, in the long run, the market to usher in new development of electric fans, how to improve the functionality of the user at the same time mining new demand, is the current electric fan brand need to discuss the topic. With the steady progress of 5G, AI, big data, chips and other basic technologies, intelligence and digitalization have become an unstoppable tide, and have been widely applied in home appliances, mainly manifested as WiFi control and voice control. As a small household appliance with a high household penetration rate, fans will become an important part of the smart home scene in the future.

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